Sustainable Seafood

Why is our seafood the best on the coast? We have a real passion for seafood. We understand that the most important ingredient in great seafood is freshness. We have worked for years to create a supply that provides us with the quality that we demand. As a result, our seafood counter is by far the largest selection of fresh, local, and quality seafood anywhere in our area.

In addition to quality, we have a commitment to sustainability. Surf Market was one of the early adopters of a formal sustainable seafood program. Greenpeace honored Surf Market by ranking us Number 4 in California for our Sustainable Seafood program – above Whole Foods, Costco, Trader Joes, Safeway and others.

Store owner Steve May says, “Sustainability affects everyone. Our oceans are in trouble because of unsustainable fishing practices and pollution. It is within our power to change that and we have a responsibility to ourselves and to future generations to do it. Major changes are happening in the seafood industry because of the influence of programs like Surf Market’s Sustainable Seafood program. At this point, nearly all major grocery chains have sustainable seafood programs, and that is changing the way the seafood industry is run for the better. Customers have power and their purchasing choices make a difference.”

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