Our Mission

Our mission is to be a true benefit to our community. We have been working for many decades to create a market that serves the needs of our customers, while supporting and benefitting our vendors, staff, and nonprofit community. We are also committed to incorporating progressively more sustainable products and practices to take good care of the environment.

So what are our current initiatives in support of our mission?

  • While actively engaging with our nonprofit community to provide support for vital community projects, we are putting great energy into promoting the Go Local Mendonoma Coast movement to improve the well-being of our community by growing our local for-profit economy. Large multinational corporations and online stores, like Wal-Mart and Amazon, are spending billions of dollars trying to convince consumers that low prices, convenient locations, and home delivery are the most important criteria to consider when buying food. We believe that locally crafted, environmentally conscious, organic foods are better, and that spending a few more dollars to support a locally owned store creates far more community benefit than enriching massive corporations.
  • We are increasing our efforts to support local artisan food producers, farmers, and ranchers through support of the Mendo-Lake Food Hub. Through the Food Hub, we are able to make available produce of extraordinary quality to our customers, while supporting small family farms in our local area.
  • We continue to work in our community to educate about the need for sustainable seafood. Our oceans are in trouble due to overfishing and pollution. It is within our power to solve this problem, and we can do that by choosing to buy sustainable seafood.
  • We have begun a complete equipment upgrade to our refrigeration and compressor systems that will deliver a huge reduction in Surf Market’s carbon footprint.
  • We have implemented a unique and powerful system of staff development. We hope our staff members stay with us for a long career, but if they leave our community they go with a substantial resume of demonstrable skills that can help them secure a premium job in our industry.

As you see, our mission goes deeper than just selling groceries. In addition to being a benefit to our community, it is fundamental to our mission to provide a superb selection of the highest quality organic, local, special diet, and gourmet foods available. We are experts in our industry, and our selection of products reflects our passion for good food. Our team of buyers works hard to source the best products from around the world and close to home. We hope that you select us as your favorite grocery store, but even if you don’t, we hope that the store you support is locally owned.

Visit often and enjoy the market we have created for you.